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Ride this weekend (December 13 or 14)?

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Welp... After my break-down outside Vegas, I'm finally back up and running, complete with re-sealed forks and my 6k maintenance under my belt.

Knowing now that I can do 2nd gear power-wheelies has me anxious to get back out and get riding.

Anyone want to ride this weekend?
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Re: Ride this weekend?

Maybe as well.. I'll know better as the weekend nears.
darnit.. it looks like it's going to rain.

I melt in the rain.
yup looks like rain tomorrow..

and.. a few of my college buddies are in town, so I'm going for a night of good ole' fashioned drinkin'...

I'm going to have to wuss out tomorrow.. but if you guys post where you're going there's a very slim chance I might come find you...
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