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Hey, it looks like we might get another nice weekend. I'm defintiely gonna be out Saturday riding if I'm not too hung over from Friday night. Who's in? And whats the where and when? I'm thinking of the Van Sant stretch for one last time this year.
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sodark said:
I'm thinking of the Van Sant stretch for one last time this year.
What route are you thinking to take out?? If you don't mind taking the lead I might have a few interested in riding out. (if there is a "drink of your choosing" stop involved) [thumbsup]
I'm in Exton for all practical purposes....I can find Van Sant if you can get to River Road.
Can we have an early start? I'd like to get some things done in the afternoon and was hoping we could maybe get out by 9-ish and be back by 2 or 3-ish. Meet up maybe around Schwenksville and roll from there? Just give me a address or place to meet and we're there. Probably 3 rides in tow.
Most of my group has never been to Van Sant (New Hope) and we were hoping to get out there and do a nice lunch thing.
We got a late start (had to replace the starter relay this morning) but ran past Martins around 10-10:30-ish and didn't see anyone around. Rode out thru French Creek then out to Big Bear to get lunch. Goood riding day all in all and it was only moderately cold in certain areas. Sorry we missed you Marco...note to self...ask for phone #'s before ride.
1 - 5 of 70 Posts
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