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Hey, it looks like we might get another nice weekend. I'm defintiely gonna be out Saturday riding if I'm not too hung over from Friday night. Who's in? And whats the where and when? I'm thinking of the Van Sant stretch for one last time this year.
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I may put my bike back together just for this.

Van Sant airport over by plumsteadville?
sodark said:
Blonde and Malevolent, where do you two live?
I'm in Pottstown, Clops is in Collegeville and Paper is in La-La land ...
we can meet in Skippack or Schwenksville and head on out and meet Paper, then shoot down to New Hope for the traditional beer, and check out Van Sant (probably getting lost again)
....ooorrrr.... we can stay around the northern montgomery county and ride all the good roads around here, i have some good roads and of course theres a few good bars to pop in to
La-La, PA ;D
KnightofNi II said:
sadly there is nowhere to mount the flag. i will most likely be putting on a sticker or 2 when i finally get the bigger, less red gas tank.
Go evil Knievel stylee and mount a cane holder and use the flag....then when you get old it can be an actual pirate flag mounted on a cane.
I don't think I'm going to have my bike back together in time. :'(
1 - 4 of 70 Posts
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