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Hey, it looks like we might get another nice weekend. I'm defintiely gonna be out Saturday riding if I'm not too hung over from Friday night. Who's in? And whats the where and when? I'm thinking of the Van Sant stretch for one last time this year.
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Blonde and Malevolent, where do you two live?
I'm in Pottstown, Clops is in Collegeville and Paper is in La-La land ...
we can meet in Skippack or Schwenksville and head on out and meet Paper, then shoot down to New Hope for the traditional beer, and check out Van Sant (probably getting lost again)
....ooorrrr.... we can stay around the northern montgomery county and ride all the good roads around here, i have some good roads and of course theres a few good bars to pop in to
it looks like most people riding may be able to do this area insted of New Hope, how about meeting at Martin Motorsports in Potstown and we ride around the French Creek area?
Hoss, this way we can meet you by rt 345 and rt23.
We can meet at 9:30 in Pottstown and meet Hoss by 10:30

What do you all think?
well, lets do this blonde and everyone else, lets meet at Martin's in Pottstown at 10 am instead of 9:30, then depending on who shows up and who still wants to ride we can decide frrom there?

see you at 10 am
NO RAIN TODAY! Only going to 53, but clear

I'll be there at 10am in Pottstown.
I'll be riding again on Sunday as well!
tell them that your balls finally dropped and now that your a man you're gonna have to take the day off...
Dude, you're making me want to buy a dirty bike...QUIT IT! My girl is going to kick me out if i get another bike!!!

Randy, it was cool to meet you, definitely some great riding, and you know damn well you weren't holding us up!

But today is going to be 61/62...I am so riding today...where are you people riding?
Clopstyle? Knight? Anyone? Anyone?

post up or call my ass, i need to ride...and i promise to get gas before the ride this time :)
lethe said:
sodark said:
Dude, I'd love to come up there, but not today man. mainly because i'm not sure if i have to go visit my parents at some point today yet and might have to cut the day short to make the hour drive to see them.
My dad wants to get a new Vespa and wants me to take my Zuma over so he can ride it...crazy little sicilian, he's recovering from a heart attack last month and the three surgeries that ensued because of it, and now he wants to start riding vespas like when he was a kid in sicily, nutball.
Clopstyle said:
Randy, it was good to meet you yesterday and thanks for the pointers, they really helped. [thumbsup]

Marco, I am heading out to do some grocery shopping right now, but I will be up for some riding. Call me on my cell and let me know what your schedule looks like and we can work around it.
cool, make sure you lean in to the turns with the grocery cart...and dont forget to post pics...
bighoss said:
dude you are funny as h3ll... i just cant tell how you can type so much with them "dropped" in your mouth.

so yeah i finally got out to play. went to a family gathering. irish coffees are quite comfy today
burn..... got me fvcker
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