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Ride Reccommendations In Bucks???

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Hey guys,

I'm from up in NYC. I have an uncle who resides in Yardley, I thoroughly enjoy making the trip down there on my 749, and while the family's hangin out, I usually sneak out and go for rides wherever the road happens to take me and always manage to find my way back a couple hours later.

I'd like to bring my boys through for a ride, however I'm not sure how to find the great roads. If I'm not mistaken, my uncle resides by Taylorsville Rd. , close to where it intersects w/ 95.
I hope my description of the location is somewhat accurate and decipherable, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to map out a good ride over in Bucks? Thanks.
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i would ride around the area of New Hope, Plumsteadville & Bedminster. There are roads all over that area that will get rid of any chicken strips you have left on your tires.
Keep an eye open this spring for rides out there with us
When are you going to be here....I'm right near a bunch of good roads but I'm leaving soon.
I also live in the area, ping when you plan to come and I can show you around if I am in town (or village, or farmland, depends on what you want to call it)
749Darko, heres your chance, we're planning to ride this weekend... check the the link that refers to it
749 darko...

Did I meet you at Ferracci's a couple of years ago? Fellow had a 749 dark - lived on the mid-Upper East Side and also had a BMW
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