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Richening Mixture of 2002 750D?

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Since they dont have a powercommander for my bike, what Can I do if I want to open the airbox, install a better filter, and install my Gianelli slip ons?

are there any other "chip" companies that make one for my bike, what are my options?

ANy help would be great... thanks!
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On a side note there might be some sneaky ways to richen things up. In theory, but untested, you could bypass your air temp sensor and force the cpu to think its cold outside. Say around 32 degrees or so. This hack would take a little work and frankly isn't too great.
Bypassing the Air temp sensor would cause the ECU to use a pre-specified default setting in the mapping. I suppose you could always measure the sensor at 32F and use a resistor as a jumper. ???
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