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I have been finding that when I go on longer rides, my left hand seems to cramp up and start hurting when I have to repeadedly pull the clutch lever in.
I wear size medium gloves and I'm thinking that my hands might be too small for the stock set-up.
I know that the clutch pull on the monsters is known to be a little tough, but I'm hoping that an adjustable set of levers might save me from spending money on an aftermarket slave cyllinder.

For those of you that have swapped out the stockers, what company makes a good adjustable clutch and brake lever?
I'd also want something that looks pretty sweet as well.
By the way, I have an 03 800.


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My friends got me a Lockhart Phillips adjustable clutch lever for my B-Day... sort of as a gag-gift. Anyway, Don't know what I can tell you, considering the fact that I haven't put it on a bike yet, but it seems to be fairly well made, and the adjustability aspect is pretty cool.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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