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Replacement Air Filter for 1100 EVO with DP exaust kit

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Hello! I have a 2012 Monster 1100 EVO with the DP exhaust- Termis, ECU, air box, and "performance air filter". I need to replace my battery, and realized that while I am going to take the tank off, etc, I might do well to replace the air filter. I can find plenty of replacement air filters for the bike, but my question is do I need to be careful about replacing the DP one? If I get say a K&N performance replacement air filter, will that do it?

Or phrased another way, is the DP performance air filter the same size and shape as the original one so that a performance replacement for that would work?

As usual, I did some searching here first, but did not find an answer. I suspect that I am over-thinking, but want to be careful.

Thanks for any advice! And thanks if you have a recommendation.
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The DP filter is made of cotton gauze, no need to replace. Just clean and re-oil using a K&N air filter service kit.
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