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nissontek said:
i didn't think your original post was 'humbug' at all. it was exactly the info i was looking for. the only thing is i noticed you have a 900. i was curious to know if they would be less ear shattering on a smaller displacement motorbike. but, i feel sert monster has answered that question.

Then I'm glad you had a chance to read that post. And it's sounds like other posters with similar displacement M's have answered with better info than I have with my 900.

I came back to my post a few hours after writing it and thought... "Shoot, I probably just got this guy all worked up about pipes he hasn't even received yet... on Christmas, no less. I'm a jerk." :-[ Hence the Edit.

I'm sure you'll like the sound... Remus cans sound awesome. In my case, they were a bit too loud for my tastes but that was solved easily enough with a set of DB killers.

Happy holidays!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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