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removing rear wheel?

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I want to install a 41tooth sprocket, and it looks like I have to remove the rear wheel.......

1.) How do I remove the rear wheel? is it simply removing the nuts at either end and sliding out an axle?
2.) Does a sprocket change affect speedometer calibration?

any help would be great!
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Step 10

...Also, if your bike has the cheesy gold steel alignment plates, completely degrease them, the axle nuts, and the swingarm. Now, apply fresh grease to the outside of the plates. This helps them to not rotate when torquing the axle.


I wish I read this before. That is, before I spun my cheesy gold steel alignment plates, and scratched the crap out of my swingarm.

Does anybody (Chris?) sell quality replacments, or am I going to have to have some made?
i've got some heavy duty stainless steel replacement ones. i got a bunch from stuart and need to figure out what to charge for them. probably something like $25~29 like the ones i sell for the 900cr.

i do have parts for both steel and aluminum PRE 02/NON MS4 monsters. for y'all with the "big" rear axle, you'd need to ream out / drill out the hole from 20mm to 25mm...

:) chris
i'd like a set!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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