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removing rear wheel?

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I want to install a 41tooth sprocket, and it looks like I have to remove the rear wheel.......

1.) How do I remove the rear wheel? is it simply removing the nuts at either end and sliding out an axle?
2.) Does a sprocket change affect speedometer calibration?

any help would be great!
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is there a particular brand of sprocket thats better than others? I'd like to get a nice steel one instead of aluminum..... any chance of that?

where did you guys get yours from?
You'll have to loosen up the brake caliper and slide it off the rotor before removing the wheel.

The speedo is connected to the front wheel... how would a sprocket change affect that?

I wasnt sure, because in pre 99 Mustangs (and many older automobiles), the speedometer cable is driven off the transmission thru its own gear system.

I now noticed the pickup on the right side of the swingarm (thanks Ducman!), next to the caliper.... looks to be a magnetic pickup that clocks the brake rotor bolt heads....

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Oh! I cant seem to find the factory gearing for a 2002 750.... is it 15/41?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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