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removing rear wheel?

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I want to install a 41tooth sprocket, and it looks like I have to remove the rear wheel.......

1.) How do I remove the rear wheel? is it simply removing the nuts at either end and sliding out an axle?
2.) Does a sprocket change affect speedometer calibration?

any help would be great!
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i've got some heavy duty stainless steel replacement ones. i got a bunch from stuart and need to figure out what to charge for them. probably something like $25~29 like the ones i sell for the 900cr.

i do have parts for both steel and aluminum PRE 02/NON MS4 monsters. for y'all with the "big" rear axle, you'd need to ream out / drill out the hole from 20mm to 25mm...

:) chris
i'd like a set! please let us know when they are available.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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