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I just bought a set of Ducati Titanium Performance Exhausts for my wife's M750ie on fleaBay (item:110694838887) which are supposed to be identical to the current Remus Revolution GP exhaust (PartNo.083882 157102LR). Remus obviously build them already OEM for Ducati around 2002!

Do you guys know if we require to remap our ECU or is simply installing them without any additional tuning enough? :confused:

Does somebody by any chance have the installation manual of either of the two and can you plz send us an electronic copy via email?

The accessories that came with the exhaust seem to be missing the nuts&bolts to fasten them (only brackets and alu spacers are included, see pics via ebay link).

Does anybody know if we are supposed to only reuse these from the original exhaust or is the set of installation material indeed incomplete (check pics via ebay link)? :(

Many thanks for your help in advance! :)
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