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NOTE: THE INFORMATION IN THIS THREAD HAS BEEN INCORPORATED INTO OUR FAQ SECTION: http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php/board,35.0.html

If you already looked through the FAQ answers and made an attempt or two at searching the archives but still can't find what you're looking for, look through these posts to see if it is a frequently asked question, but didn't rate a place in the FAQ (or there is additional material not in the FAQ).  Each post will have a new subject line describing the general subject, then one or more links to good threads on the subject, along with short descriptions of what to expect in the thread.

Rules for posting to this thread:

Change the subject line before storing your post.  Each post will have a number (e.g., #2, #3, and so on) added to the front for easier reference.  You can do this, or the moderator will fix it for you.

You get credit for being the first one to post a particular subject.  If you're adding links to an existing subject, yours will be merged with the original, with a note indicating when you added the information (so you sort of get credit that way as well).

Separate each link with blank lines.

Each link should have either one sentence or a small paragraph pointing out what is covered, how deep to go in the posts to get to the good stuff, and any other helpful information for those who will follow the link.

Please try to only reference Ducati Monster, Ducati, Motorcycle, or DML specific threads.  If it's too far off topic it will get "moderated" away.

No off-site links please!  If you want to reference something from another site, put that in the original thread.

I reserve the right to edit posts to clean them up and "make them conform" to the standards.  All such edits will get comments stating when and why the edit was made.  As an original poster, you have the right to edit your own post as well.

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Further Instructions

This thread is being revived in the hopes that the DML will contribute.  If you find some good threads in a search, please post 'em up here.  Don't be shy.  This can only work with your assistance.  If you think information from a thread should be added to a FAQ or should become a FAQ itself, please volunteer to gather the necessary information together for submission.  Even better -- write up a How-To thread WITH PICTURES and we'll turn it into a FAQ.   [thumbsup] 

And remember, these are not the only threads on these subjects.  So don't forget to use the

Edit:  I deleted the four or so old post in this thread b/c all the links were dead.  Every one of 'em.   :'(  Thanks for that original effort, gang.  Let's keep it goin'.   [thumbsup]

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1)  Brake and Clutch Bleeding

2)  Tires:  reviews, sizes, tire pressure, changing tires, repairs & troubleshooting

3)  14 tooth front sprocket install

4)  Exhaust Sound

5)  Battery:  check your OEM battery for leaking and other battery threads

6)  Monster as starter bike

7)  Motorcycle Books:  Riding Techniques & General Reading

8 ) Wheelies:  supplementing Scott Nelson's great Wheelies! FAQ

9)  Fork swap

10)  Red Key and Immobilizer Issues

11)  Lowering the ride height

12)  Motor oil

13)  Motorcycle shipping

14)  Chain Cleaning and Lube

15)  Tail Chop

16)  Seats

17)  Packing for a long distance ride

18 )




7,484 Posts

7,484 Posts
#2 Tires

NOTE:  There are a million threads out there on tires.  Please do not treat these as definitive.  Use the
function and post up any other useful threads you find.

               Tire Reviews

Stickied Tire Review Thread.  If you don't find your tire here or want more info, please search.

               Tire Pressure

What tire pressure do you run?

More tire pressure

And even more tire pressure

               Tire Changing

Tire Changing 101:  link to a good site for tire changing directions.

Mounting and balancing your own tires

Tire changing equipment

Things to check after the shop changes your tires

               Troubleshooting + Repairing Tires

Can you fix a tire?

Should you patch a tire?

Nail in tire-- repair or replace.  This thread has good pictures of what a worn tire looks like.

Troubleshooting a slow leak

How old is too old for tires?  Has a explanation of how "bluing" of a tire occurs

               Tires Sizes -- what fits and how tire size affects handling

Can't get to the edge of the tire.  Has a good explanation about how tire profile affects how close to the edges tires can wear on a monster.

Tire sizes and handling characteristics.  70 v. 60 front and 170 v. 180 rear.

Wider rim needed for increased tire size

How a 170 rear feels on a 4.5" rim.  Relevant to smaller displacement monsters with 4.5" rears (600, 620, 750, 800, but not s2r)

170 or 180 rear on a 620?

170 rear on a 750.  Contains a warning from Chris Kelley that Dunlops run wide. 

160 on an m900 rear.  Applies to larger displacement monsters with 5.5" rear.

7,484 Posts

7,484 Posts
#8 Wheelies: supplementing the Wheelie FAQ

There are many wheelie threads out there in addition to a great Wheelie FAQ.  Below are just a coupla helpful threads.  Please
if you can't find what you need.  If you come across something helpful, please post up in this thread.   [thumbsup]
Wheelies on a 620

Wheelie a 750: clutch and power wheelies

2nd gear power wheelies.  Contains a useful general how-to post for power wheelies.

Am I a wheelie wimp?

The "boys" & wheelies.  Ok, so this isn't a "useful" post, but it's juvenile and funny.   ;D

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#9 Fork Swap

Fork Swap: The bolt on alternative.

s4r v. sbk foks.  Discusses which forks are bolt-on for a 620.

Will '99 m900 forks fit on an '03 620?  Discusses differences in brake caliper spacing and axle size between monster years.

'03 748 forks on '01 m750.  Good general desciption of what involved in an SBK fork swap.

SBK fork basics  With pics!  [thumbsup]

749/999 forks on a m620.  Has a good description on how to shim SBK forks in the lower triple of a monster.

'01 748 forks on '02 m620.  Discusses options for triple clamps and clip-ons with SBK conversion.

996 forks on an '02 900  With pics!  Before triple and clip-on install and after.  Speedmoto triple with CC risers.

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#10 Red Key and Immobilizer Issues

Not the end all for Red Key issues. But, covers a lot of pertinent information.

Red Key vs. Remapping: Discusses the lack of a red key to remap the fuel.

Red Key debate: Discusses buying bikes without the red key and includes aftermarket PCIII solutions and prices for replacement ECUs.

Is your Monster supposed to have a red key?: Lists the year the red key was introduced and on which models used it first. If unsure, shows a way to check.

How to reprogram Black Keys yourself.: Directions for reprogramming your black keys if you buy more.

More info on reprograming.

Can I ride with the red key?

Damn Immobilizer: Debate on the usefulness of the Immobilizer.

Active Immobilizer: How to tell if your Immobilizer wasn't activated before delivery.

10 second rule: Discusses the amount of time allowed to leave a key in the ignition without starting the bike.

Immobilizer Code Card.: Discusses the code card and its applications.

Battery disconnect.: Do you need the red key if you just disconnect the Battery? No

New tumblers.: Having the bike rekeyed due to theft/loss of a good black key.

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#11 Lowering the ride height

There are a few ways to lower your monster's ride height.

Monster FAQ for short riders.

Monster Lowering Link.

Lowering the front end: Discusses the Pros and Cons of lowering the front end.

Lowering via a dogbone: Discusses dogboning your Monster and scooping the seat.

Lowering: More on lowering including links for aftermarket dogbones.

Directions on lowering.

Adjustable Monster dogbone.

Different ways: Discusses various ways to shorten your ride.

There are a bunch of threads on the topic of lowering a monster. This is just a short list that sum up what most of them all cover.

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#12 Motor Oil


THE motor oil thread: Covers the difference between regular oil, semi-synthetic, and full-synthetic. Also covers the usefulness of magnets on the oil filter.

Oil Change FAQ: FAQ listing oil changes and some more oil info.

2 year old oil survey

Redline oil: Questions about Redline oil.

Royal Purple Oil.

Synthetic oil: More on synthetic oil.

More oil: More oil info and includes where to get aftermarket filters.

Filters and crush washers.

Checking the oil level.

Oil Change Question: Question about getting the last of the oil out during an oil change.

This topic is constantly debated and many specific oil brands are covered. If you don't see your oil in question, search the specific brand.

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#14 Chain cleaning and lube


Chain cleaning: Procedures for cleaning the chain before lubing.

More Cleaning and lubing

Chain lube: Thread covers a few brands and methods for maintaining your chain.

Various reviews: Covers ~6 differnt lubes and their application.

Suzuki lube: Rant on Suzuki lube. Gives a couple alternatives.

Removing Lube: Covers application and removing lube from a tire.

FAQ: The FAQ section covering your chain. Complete with links.

There are more thread. But these tend to cover the common questions.

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#15 Tail Chop

There are many, many more threads out there.  If you find another useful thread, post up here.  

Tail Chop FAQ.  Describes how to chop a tail by fabricating a bracket out of aluminum sheeting and a dremel. 
                         Pics are for earlier model monsters (where tabs to mount the tail light on on the frame, not the beer tray).

Tail chop on an older monster.  Describes (with pics  [thumbsup]) what to do with the seat lock and the seat lock cable.

Low budget tail chop (pics!).  Shows how to fab license holder and beer tray into brackets for a chop.  Note: earlier models do not need to cut beer tray.

Mounting turn signals in the frame holes left by the chop.  Pics!

Tail chop using L-brackets.  Shows pics for early and late model monsters.  Also has a link to the Pro Italia kit.

SF tail choppin'.  More pics of L-bracket chops and pics of turn signals mounted directly into frame.

Tail chop with custom brackets.  Has close-up pics. There is a link to one of those bracket templates here.

Custom bracket on an s4.  Pics

Competition Werkes tail chop kit installed.  Pics

Competition Werkes kit and close-up pics of wiring for Clear Alternatives tail light.

Pics and review of DML member Cookie1's tail chop kit.  Includes close-ups of s2r and s2r 1000 tail chops.

Diagram for fender eliminator for 2000 monster.  May work for other model years.  Link to Fillmore's post with step-by-step pics of install.

License plate relocators.  Includes a template designed by Mitt.

Cutting tools for tail chop.  Dremel, sawzall, pipe cutter(?), hacksaw, etc.

Pictures of Monster tails.  Not all chopped, but a great thread for ideas for your tail chop.

Preventing rust after tail chop

Tail chop affecting value of bike?.  No.  ;D

***License plate bracket WITHOUT TAIL CHOP 


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# 16 Seats

There are 4 generally accepted seats for your Monster, Stock, Aftermarket DP, Corbin, and Sargent. Below are threads comparing various aftermarket models to each other and to stock seats.

Comparison of all 4.

Corbin Review.

Corbin vs. Stock Seat: A review of some differences between the Corbin seat and a stock seat.

Corbin Unlatching Issues.

Corbin Storage: Making a storage space in your Corbin seat.

Softening Your Corbin Seat.

Sargent Review.

Sargent vs. Stock Seat.

Sargent vs. Corbin.

Fitting a Sargent Seat: Discussion on why a Sargent seat doesnt fit.

DP Review: About halfway down is a review of the DP seat. Thread also discusses availability.

DP vs. Sargent:Comparison between the DP and Sargent seats (with pics of the DP).

DP Passenger Comfort: Brief review of passenger comfort and rider comfort on DP seat.

DP Seat Temp: How heat and cold affect the gel seat.

DP Gel Seat Tank Prop: Where to keep the tank prop in the DP seat.

Misc seat posts:
Seat Storage: Storage compartments for different seats.

Underseat Manual Storage: Discusses keeping your manual under the aftermarket seat.

Slippery Seat: How to resolve a slippery seat.

Seat Interchangablility: Brief discussion about seat height for various seats.

Ride Height Adjusting: Different seats adjust ride height and position.

2000 - 2001 Seat Interchangeability: No, they're not.

Passenger Comfort: Comparison of DP vs. Corbin vs. stock for passengers.

Passenger Backrest: Product review passenger backrest for Monster.

Custom Made Seats: Links to various custom seat makers and comparisons to COTS seats.

Removing the Seat Pin: Directions for finding and removing the pin to remove the seat.

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#17 Distance Riding Packing

What do you need to pack for a long trip?

Touring FAQ. By Rachel Dwyer, Monster rider and Iron Butt Extraordinaire.

1200 Mile Trip: A group of 3 takes a 1200 mile trip.

Ergonomics Of Distance Riding: Suggestions on bike set up for distance riding.

Hand Guards: Thread discussing hand guards with other links to hand guards (with pics).

Philly To LA Trip: Solo rider travels from Philly to LA. Thread discusses tools, padding, clothing, etc.

VT to CA Trip: Windscreen and other necessity discusion.

Cross Country Solo: Solo rider discusses traveling cross country alone.

This is not the end all of distance riding. Many people post their trips with great results.
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