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Red Monster Spotted

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Anyone here on the south bound feeder of 45 near greens road today @ 3:30pm. I saw you go by from my office.
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Guilty as charged.

Heading home from work and making a pit stop at Lunsford's on the way out. I usually take the Hardy otherwise and there was a van on the mainlanes of 45 all purdy with shooting flames out of its orifices just past the Rankin entrance, so I was on the feeder.
hahaha, Drjones getting caught everywhere lately [cheeky]
I saw that van. That's why I was looking out the window. pretty cool
You're going to be seeing me alot on the roads too now that I have my duc back. Big props to Andy and Alex at Metric Cycles. I think they gave me a big break on the labor too. They only charged me 2 hours labor to disassemble / reassemble the front end and swap out the bars.

I got relatives in town all this week and weekend, but after that I'm game to ride.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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