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So on a seemingly ordinary sunny SoCal Sunday, a menagerie of bikes and bike handlers slowly assembled in front of the place, only known by locals as "S & W Country Diner." In a matter of minutes, an impressive collection of moto machinery lined themselves up in front of the otherwise innocuous diner:

Ducati Monster 620 Dark ("miomostro")
Ducati Monster 620 i.e. ("malaikala")
Ducati Monster 750S i.e. ("be")
Ducati Monster S4
Ducati Monster S4 Foggy
Harley Fatboy
Yamaha V-Max
Yamaha R1
[Plus a sweet-looking '03 1800cc cruiser that I didn't catch the name of]

After introductions were exchanged, and the bikes fueled, the 9 bikes (11 riders in total) set off in formation to PCH via 10 Freeway. After a scenic ride north on the Cali beach highway, the group cut right onto Topanga Canyon and easily sped through the sweeping curves of the road. The mood quickly changed however as, after a couple of key left turns, the riders found themselves on the more twistier Stunt Road, ascending rapidly up to the crest of the mountain. After taking a quick breather at the summit viewspot (which was, by the way, breathtakingly beautiful), the group descended back down and into the Valley where solace was found at the legendary Sagebrush Cantina. Being my first time, I felt like I was in Disneyland, from the bad a$$ rides in the parking lot, to the "colorful" assortment of riders in the packed beer garden. After a bunch of laughs and a couple hours (and rounds) later, a reduced group made their way back home through a really, really dark canyon and lane-split through a PCH traffic jam from hell.

[Forgot the camera this time - Next time I'll bring it and make Bruce carry it in his tankbag!]
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