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Just imagine yourself on a nice, sunny beach, and you won't feel cold..

Yeah, right....:(
Did I mention it was COLD?

Notice the opaque windows on my Merk. It was 33 degF when I got up, and a positively balmy 43 when I left.

After a protracted struggle getting the Duc's fire lit, I donned my best 'bomb squad' winter gear and set off. Then a quick cup of AMPM faux coffee at the Irwindale Arco, and Shawn and I set off for the Sunland Coco's.
Had to pinch myself and rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing right...a Screaming Yellow Corsa M900 front and center at Coco's. ;) Shawn and I parked the scooters, and went inside to find Linda, as well as Ryan, Scott and Mas.
Rob stopped by for a cup of coffee, then had to leave. Something about taking his wife to the airport. Couldn't sell him on calling in a shuttle bus for her and riding with us. We tried. :(
Kevin rolled in, and we had the full team assembled!
After a quick gas-up, this is the loop we set out on:

Took a little while to get used to Big Tujunga. AFH is starting to look a little more familiar, but it's still weird. I've driven it almost 50 times, but always the other direction.
Got to watch Scott get hemmed in by gravel stripes midcorner and have to ride through a big patch. :eek: Kinda spooky when you haven't been on a good ride in many months. Well, even if you have....
Ryan's still plenty speedy on the buzzbomb R6.
Shawn's been out of the saddle for a while too. Quite the welcome back.
I recall hearing Kevin say something about having the throttle pinned on his 620, and it wasn't enough. He did just fine on his 620 nonetheless. Rumor is he'll have quite a bit more stick available shortly...;D
Mas probably thinks we're a bunch of loons, given that the two rides he's been on have been very high gravel (and worse) content. Really, Mas, we don't like the dirt and rocks and ice. Honest.
Dunno what Linda thinks.

A short roadside break near Palmdale, just to compare shades of blue on our fingers:

Looks warm, doesn't it? Actually, anywhere there was sunlight was almost tolerable.

We really need to find a decent cafe in Palmdale to anchor the north end of this loop. Anybody got a suggestion?

The southbound run down Bouquet was pretty good. Upper part of Little Tujunga was very gravelly, but the lower part was decent.
Had a nice Lunch back at Coco's. Scott, Shawn, Kevin and Mas had other engagements, so they rolled out.

Ryan, Linda and myself hadn't had enough punishment yet, so we set off up BigT again. I could tell that Linda really likes that road.....
The run down ACH was absolute punishment. A parade of tourist cages locked on to full slowpoke. The truck in front of me kicked a rock over, and my front wheel kicked it up to successfully explode on my crankcase. Has anyone seen a skidplate that will fit my S4?

Other than the crap in the road, and brutal cold, I really liked this loop a lot. A good mix of fast, medium and slow. Can't wait for warmer weather.

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Great write-up on the ride, Nick. I really enjoyed that loop. I had never gone past the Mt. Emma turn off before. Bouquet Canyon was way cool. I agree that a good cafe in Palmdale would make a good mid-point rest stop.

BTW, I called the shop to check on the status of my new ride. At my request, they are warranting the stock battery out and putting the Yuasa in. :) They are suppose to receive the battery tomorrow, so bike should ship early next week. Can't wait.

Good cafe in Palmdale? Good luck.

The town has jack and sh!t...and jack left town.

The best I can suggest is the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. Just make a right at 30th..or is it 15th? Just make a right at the street that goes to the mall and it's on your right side. It's what passes for culture in the AV.

And yes you have to have the throttle pinned on 620's alot. Not that you can relate Nick ;D.
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