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It was a dark and stormy night, and the detective was faced with another tough case. Oops, wrong subject.....

Ladies and Gentlemen, the theme for this ride is Red And Black. If your bike doesn't have a bunch of red or black on it.....well, you weren't on this ride.

Three of the usual suspects; David, Tom and Nick, were implicated in this spree. For the first time, we were aided and abetted by George/95Monster. Strength in numbers, as they say....
Is it just me, or is that Shell sign we're using as a backdrop becoming more obnoxious every time? I think it needs a large SoCal Monsters Banner hung on it before we take any more pics there.

Shortly after the above photo was taken, we all rolled up the hill. It was a significant improvement over our last foray up ACH, as there was little risk of hypothermia this time and most of the comatose cagers seemed to be elsewhere. Still as fun and challenging as ever. The choppy pavement from the AFH intersection up to Newcomb's continues to challenge my confidence in my front forks. Newcomb's was not very crowded, and after a bit of breakfast, we prepared to roll back out.

Back out in the lot, we chatted a bit with some of the local riffraff....

Seems that Linda has proposed to David that a set of Glasspacks would really dress up his Monster. David seems unconvinced....;D No accounting for taste, I guess.

Snapped a pic of Linda's ride, very sharp looking scooter, lots of tasty mods too.

Then it was off to GMR-GRR for more fun. IIRC, neither Tom nor George had been on those roads, so it was a new treat for them. For David and myself it was like meeting an old friend again. Remarkably cage free on the run up San Gabriel Canyon, then up the East Fork to GMR and GRR. All nearly deserted save for a few hardy bicyclists. Really some tasty road.
A short respite at Baldy Village, then back down GRR to GMR, and down to civilization from there. Only hair raising moment was a fire service wagon that seemed to require nearly the full width of the road....seemed awfully wide for a pickup truck....

It was a real treat to run for a while behind George on GRR, hearing the Monster bark to attention when he whacked the throttle. Good stuff.

Glad that George was able to make the ride, and 'officially' join the crew.

Till next time, to those who missed it, there will be other rides.
To those who made it, you know what a good ride it was.

Seems that Linda has proposed to David that a set of Glasspacks would really dress up his Monster. David seems unconvinced....;D No accounting for taste, I guess.
...the man in the Bates says...

You forgot the part about the slow-motion man in the full leathers on San Gabriel. Or the Sv650 guy who couldn't shut his cake-hole. You tell a better story than I, so I shall defer to you for the second part of this story.

George, what kinda pipes are those on your scoot? Sil 2 into 1?

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Hey Guys-

What a fantastic ride. Great to me up with some of the hooligan posse and ...dang... GMR-GRR... who knew there were roads like that this side of the Atlantic?

I still hear that SV650 guy yapping in my sleep. Glad to know I wasn't the only one thinking about pushing him off the cliff.

The 2-1 is a GioCaMoto system. After several years (most of those years she sat in storage) of the 2-1 rubbing on the swingarm, running rich and fouling plugs, the guys at BH Ducati sorted it out and I'm quite pleased with the bark. (The "Other" guys weren't successful... or maybe they wanted to sell me a replacement full system???)

I look forward to riding with you guys again....soon as the ringing in my ears fades away.

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