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I bought a 2001 Monster 600 as a race bike and if all goes right it will be in its new home on Saturday. I was wondering if there have been any recalls on the bike, possibly flywheel and clutch clave cylinder? If there have been recalls is it too late to have the work done or could I just take it to a dealer and get the fixes??? Thanks for the help. In case anybody is interested the bike is yellow, clip-ons, rearsets, K+N, jet kit, Sil carbon high mounts, Pilot Races, belly pan, etc. I will post some pics when its finally in the garage. Sucks though, I wont be able to see it in person untill March since I am deployed!!


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Sorry to inform you but if you do race it or it has been raced there is no recourse for recalls. If it is still unraced then if there are any they should be performed.
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