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Rear Height Adjustment

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Are there any advantages to using an adjustable tie rod (TPO) over a height adjustable shock (Ohlins) to raise the rear height of a Monster?
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An adjustable tie rod will alter the progressive nature of the suspension linkage in a different way than the adjustable length shock.

Without looking at it in detail, I can't say exactly how it would be different...I'll need to think about it and do some sketching.

I'm not very impressed with any of the adjustable tie rods I've seen, and least impressed with the TPO unit. Just my personal opinion, I'm an engineer and tend to be critical of the techy stuff.
From my eyeball assessment of the rocker & linkage, as you shorten the tierod or lengthen the shock, the suspension will become more progressive.
If you have an adjustable tierod and an adjustable length shock, you can alter the progressivity while maintaining the same ride height. Or alter the ride height while maintaining the same progressivity.
Whether you can notice any difference on the street, that's the question.
With the Ohlins parts front and rear, you're in excellent shape already.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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