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my rear brake squeals really badly at low speeds when i use it. not like a high pitched squeal when car brakes are going out, but kind of a moan like when you get bicycle brakes wet... anybody know how i can fix it? bike's only got 1400 miles, the pads cant be gone yet?

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that's one of those 'features' that just seem to happen with most of the rear brakes ...

there's a few things you can do to try to get rid of it, but it seems that the squeal comes back every time...

1. make some shims out of an aluminum can, pull the pads out, cut a piece of aluminum off the can and lay the pad on it as a stencil, cut the piece out and place it between the pad and the brake piston (both pads)

2. use some brake quiet goop or just some regular grey gasket maker to effectively 'glue' the piston to the back of the pad

3. just don't use the rear brake under low speed conditions... [cheeky]
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