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Re-Coated Cylinders

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After determining that my cylinders on my 97 M900 were toast I sent them off to Millennium Technologies to be cleaned up and re-coated to stock specs. I just wanted to tell everyone that they look great and I'm anxious to get the thing back together. I sent along some FBF 11:1 pistons and they built up the bores around them and they should give me a little added punch. I'm delayed, however, because the re-coating process ate the three "freeze plugs" in the top of each cylinder and I need to replace those before reassembly (parts are in the mail from Ducati of Seattle). Thanks for the help with that delema Chris (ca-cycleworks.com). Anyway, I hope to have the beast running this weekend and I'm anxious to get it back on the road after being down for a month or so.
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yeah, my pongo (1997 m900) needs the cylinder redone too. :(
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