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RayDog, or anyone else in the know.

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Are these good lap timers, or should I just look for an XT?

MyChron Light TG

I found one for $160, but I dont know anything about them, if they suck, fall apart, or are better/equal in quality too the XT line.

Thanks, oh and nice house warming party btw! 3AM came quick to start work. :)

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That doomiflotchy looks cool mang

Electronic gizmo's are cool [thumbsup]
hey Mo!

Uh, most of them are good quality. I was looking for a MiChron when I went to buy because that is what I saw at the track for the most part (back in the south). But I can't speak of quality for any of the brands, I haven't used any except XT. My XT has worked just fine but I imagine that they all work well.
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