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Radar detectors anyone?

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Been thinking about getting one lately, should I bother?

If so, which one would you recommend?
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I think it all depends on where you ride. If the local Leo's are sneaky and dislike sport bikes, then yes.

I mostly ride city and twisties around the city, no need for one.

I did a whole lot of research on this before I bought my Escort Passport 8500. The V1 is a really nice unit, but the Passport 8500 is almost as good, with the almost being only in one area really. The 8500 did not score as high on Laser sensitivity as the V1 did, but given the price difference I really didn't care, and this is why. Only like 2% of all speed detection devices sold in the US annually are laser. I've had my 8500 for almost 5 years, and I can count on one hand the number of times I've had it catch laser. It stays glued to my windshield all the time when it's not on the bike. So it gets used daily. The auto mode also has good fuzzy logic that monitors RF noise continually and filters out signals that aren't radar. I used it in Highway and City mode and switched around a good bit when I first got it, but now I just leave it in auto all the time, and it works remarkably well.

As far as why I like it, on straight roads it will pick up Ka band easily over a mile out when they're on continuous mode. When they're using Instant On / RF Hold, it will pick it up well, but you have to know what to look out for. It's sporadic blips every few seconds, rather than a steady ramp up to full signal. In expert mode it will track up to something like 7 signals at once, showing you a bar graph for each one. This is nice when there are stationary speed signs that always have radar on. The LEO can't hide behind it, and think that just because you see Ka band, you'll think it's the one that's always there. The 8500 will show you both signals with a strength meter for each one. Different from the V1, which only shows you the strength of the strongest signal (which is typically the stationary device since they're set to high output usually) On the motorcycle though, this isn't really too useful b/c you may or may not be able to see the display, depending on how / where it's mounted. It has a headphone jack, so you can run an earbud up under your helmet. Mine's saved my @$$ enough in my car that it's more than paid for itself, so I've been a 100% satisfied customer. I still haven't been ballsy enough on the bike to speed much, although I have used it on there, and it works well. I'm thinking about getting the new 8500 X50 for the Monster, so I don't have to keep taking mine in and out of my car.
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I rode my Yamaha FJ1200 very fast most of the time. I built a Whistler Liberty into the fairing with the control unit in the covered coin box and an ear plug for my helmet. It let me escape yokel sherifs a few times, but now so many large departments have laser and/or really well trained officers who only use their radar when they already have a visual on you flying low that I'm not sure it's worth it. Riding a fast bike hard, you really don't have the time and luxury to study a display that somebody driving their car 80 on the Interstate has.

If I toured the multilanes on a Gold Wing, I'd have one. On my new Monster I don't expect to bother.

Tommy T.
How much speeding do you really do? How much time are you on the bike vs. in a car? I replaced my 8500 with a v1 and am much happier with the v1. Sensitivity is much stronger and falses less (if that makes sense). It is a larger unit though so finding a mounting point on a bike will be easier with the passport. That being said, I find a radar detector useless considering how few traps Ive seen over the past 5 years. They seem to be decreasing rapidly while congestion increases. If you are a smart rider/driver you can just pay attention to brake lights ahead of you down the road. Slow up over hills/crests and corners. Basic logic to not getting caught.
V1 all the way.... Prior to buying my V1 5 years ago I had gone through two Bel units witch could not stand up to bike duty. The V1 is overbuilt and still going strong.
In Massachusetts the speed traps are everywhere.

I never operate a vehicle without a radar detector. A ticket and insurance surcharges are very expensive in the peoples republic of Massachusetts.

There is a new ticket quota system that the Troopers are unhappy about

I own and use both an 8500 and V1. The V1 is more sensitive, but the 8500 has always done the job. I think the 8500 is better for a motorcycle: 1) much smaller and easier to mount 2) has a built in headphone jack 3) it automatically mutes after a few beeps. The headphone jack is important. I have helmet speakers and never miss a warning. The auto-mute is really nice. If you have a warning that lasts a while, you don’t have to mess with the 8500.

One ticket would pay for either box
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Hi guys!
Could you please give us any advices you might have on how to mount properly a radar detector on a monster?

Thanks! [thumbsup]
On monsters I have seen them mounted just behind the flyscreen.

also, ontop of the clutch reservoir using heavy duty velcro.

I use a Tech Mount, the kind that threads into your unused mirror mount (I have a bar end mirror), and it works great. It's very stable and it only takes a few seconds to take once your done riding.
desmodevil said:
Hey Goldenchild, which mount specifically did you use?

I have mine mounted on a sportbikecam mount on via the gas cap screws and its awesome...BUT I would like to mount a camera too, so it would be great to have both
The part # is HG-31000L. Specifically for mounting in a mirror hole. They're available in left or right hand threading, I forgot which one I ordered but your bike should have both kinds on threading on the mirros anyway. You can always swap them from side to side to.
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V1 Works the best, and they come with upgrades annually... Worth every penny IMO.
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