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I'm looking for a set of db-eaters (baffles/db-killers) for my Termignoni Alu low mounts. When I bought them for my M695 I thought all aftermarket exhaust had removable baffles but of course I was wrong :-[ (first bike ever so I have an excuse for my ignorance)

First I tried via my dealer but he says he's not able to find anything. Then I tried contacting Termignoni directly via email but I still haven't heard anything yet (must be the Italian lifestyle).

So now I'm looking online from any vendor that would fit and found several types of baffles but don't know which would be the best one.
  • Arrows seems to have a good system (http://www.arrow.it/eng/catalogo/linee.asp?IDLinea=104 with a seeger ring (no need to drill a hole). I'm not sure how this seeger ring attachment works so the question is would this mechanism work on Termis or do Arrow exhaust have something special where the seeger ring fits into (that other brands don't have). Is there anyone who has these and maybe can post a high res picture of how it exactly works?
  • BOS has 4 different types of baffles http://www.spieglerusa.com/bos_pages/Pb.cfm#db. I don't quite understand how these should work as they all just seem to be a steel tube, which would not reduce the total surface of the opening which I (mis?)understand is necessary to reduce the noise. They do say that these lower the sound by 3 db (whereas others seem to get closer to 6-10 db). Also which of these would best fit my bike (two cylinder/big oval/big oval 32mm restricted)?
  • Desmoworld has a lot of self made baffles, but most of them have an 18
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