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Dear Members,

I had a 2002 750 I.E. Dark and was very happy with it, but a minor bump with a Honda Accord left the steering block busted. A new frame and labor would cost more than the value of the bike, so insurance is paying me for the bike.

I am back in the market, but having trouble finding the Monster that I like most - a simple, circa 2002 Monster that is not too tricked out (I like the simplicity of the stock bike - no glitz).

I am seeing a few older models that I like, but they are carbureted, not fuel-injected, and I have a sense that fuel injection is the way to go if possible.

I would happily upgrade to a 900 Dark if I could, but would prefer to stick to one that is fuel injected. Can anyone let me know if the fuel injected monsters are much better performers and require less maintenance?

What is considered a good year? Again, I like the look of the 2000-2002 models. The new ones are too futuresque for me.


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