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I bought and installed a set off Termi's used for my bike..

i've installed them.. but they are a little flimsy..

the bracket that hold the cans to the frame is not the same as the stock one so I can't use the big rubber/alum. spacer and now the bracket has play in it... the stock bolt isn't threaded all the way...

and my second and more important concern..

do the cans just slip on to the S pipes? or am I missing a clamp?

under hard acceleration thru the gears this afternoon, the cans actually came off and opened up on me... I had to pull over and slip them back on...

the stock clamps are way too small.. and the shape of the slip area is rounded.. doesn't seem like it can be clamped really..

is the bracket just supposed to hold everything together?

here's a pic of the area I mean:

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