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Hey All-

Like many, I had the misfortune of laying down my Monster. I need tp replace quite a bit but was looking at handlebars just now. I have a 2000 m900ie with stock bars, or whats left of them anyway. So my question is this- I think I read a thread where someone had found some aluminum aftermarket bars about one inch higher and two inches farther back. Can anyone point me to the thread? I looked for it many times today with no luck. The goal of corse is to find out the manufacturer and model as I think they would suit me very well.

I am in desperate need of a decent gas tank If anyone knows of a salvage yard that may have one please let me know!

I will post some pictures this weekend. I'm still in denial and havent quite come to terms with the situation. Plus I dont want to go see it in the workshop just yet :confused:

I hope everyone can put up with me. I have the feeling I will be turning to you folks a more than a few times during my reassemby and repair.

THANKS !!!!!!

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