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I'm not expert but:

Give the ins a call, and let them know you're taking into a shop.

Take it to a shop, you can get an estimate for free probably. Keep in mind that if they do a good job, they might notice some things you didn't. Or stuff you know about, but don't care to fix. Also it's a good idea for them to check the frame.

Based on what they come up with, you can cross off items that you don't wish to claim.

Once you get to that final list, that woudl be sumbitted. But keep in mind, that it might well get totalled. If they total it, they will cut you a check, and you *might* be able to buy it back and fix it up again.

If they don't total it, they should cut you a check for an estimated reapair cost. All parts will be new prices.. so if you reair or e-bay stuff, you could come out with some spare cash.
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