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Q's ??? for Munch (camera mount) or anyone else who knows

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Hey anybody know what camera set up Munch has? His vids a pretty sick. I just scored a free mini DV camcorder at work today and want to make some movies! (unfortunately can't get the wife to help me out with the kind of flics you got going through your head right now!) I've seen several different options cheap one piece gas cap mounts, adjustable units, suction cups, etc etc... I want to find something that works, and doesn't cost a shitload! What ever setup Munch had turned out some good footage, just want to know what his camera rig is.


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Munch said:
Those were shot with a Viosport Adventure Cam III - hooks into your Mini-DV recorder. Simply an external lense.

Damn this thin only has AV output, and does not support input :-( ahh hell it was free cant complain!

I was at Performance Cycle on Broadway the other day and noticed that they had a video set-up for like $200 ish. It was a helmet mount, though. Not my favorite style of bike vid.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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