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putting on slip ons to an '01 M900Sie? trailer/tag off to shop??

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I recently ordered some Termignoni's (slipons) - they've arrived but the service dept at my local ducati shop has told me they'll need to put them on b/c they have to use the dyno/computer to map them or something like that (b/c it's fuel injected i presume).. that sounds fair enough even though he's telling me 3hrs of labor which comes to about $300.. but then he tells me to bring my bike in on trailer and remove the plate. I presume this is b/c of some sort of illegal emissions sound thing. Instead of losing even more money by renting a f'g uhaul or whatever, i was just going to ride it there, stop a block short, then take the tag off quickly and push it to the service goofballs. has anyone else had this happen? are they being too worried in terms of the whole bring it by trailer or truck and remove the plate thing? seems stupid to me.. but i'm not the owner of their shop.. just wondering.. i appreciate any feedback.. didn't think slipons would create such a f'g hassle though.. annoyed, JC (my prev duc was a 916 and it has the pipes on already, and when i had dp's put on my 900SP i had no such problem)..
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I have never heard that before. Also, unless you are running an open airbox the bike really doesn't need to be custom mapped
I would get the slipons ,put them on myself (about half an hour work when you are slow)
Then a ride to the dealer ,tank up ,computer on , CO 5% up and 5 minutes later you are done
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