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Proper Consent

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A friend just sent me this posting for a GSXR for sale. It's a pretty funny advert.

Post Date:
Aug 7th, 2006

Expire Date:
Sep 6th, 2006


06' Suzuki GSXR 1000

Farmington, UT 84025 - Aug 7, 2006

2006 Suzuki 1000. This bike is perfect! It has 1000 miles and has had its 500 mile dealer service. (Expensive) It's been adult ridden, all wheels have always been on the ground. I use it as a cruiser/commuter. I'm selling it because it was purchased without proper consent of a loving wife. Apparently "do whatever the f*@& you want" doesn't mean what I thought.

Call me, Steve.(801)867-XXX
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It is funny, but I"m pretty sure it's a repost. Thanks for sharing though. [thumbsup]
It could be a different guy. or a new wife.
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