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this thread comes from the "bad DNA" thread of some 27 or 8 pages on the "General" board. it was said by diverrick that plastic isn't damaged by acid. i'm bringing the thread here so as to leave the other one in peace. i cannot believe that i feel the desire to talk about it further, but i will leave the pettiness with pictoral proof that battery acid does, indeed, attack plastic.

battery acid wrecks everything on a bike. go to a motorcycle junk yard and look around. find "clean" bikes with rust in one place under the seat. then pull a sidecover and go from there. in my experience, the stuff the japanese use is more robust than ducatis.

battery box deformation (red arrows point out damage)
acid damaged side cover

the battery box is deformed and less flexible than it should be. when someone says that acid has damaged their battery box or other plastic component, i believe them. say what y'all want. i know that battery acid can affect plastic and i'm finished talking about it. any more and this will turn into something ugly (where's that special olympics / flame war pic??).

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I would not deny the pictures you show.

Long term exposure to acid that has corroded metal parts in it will discolor and pit the hell out of some plastics. It even does some damage to the battery plastic around the terminals as well. Once acid has reacted with another compound, it is no long acid, it was a chemical reaction that converted it to a new substance.

What I was trying to point out is that the insulation on most electric wires are PVC. (speciality wires can have many types of insulation). People were describing MELTED PVC insulation. Not discolored or pitted from long term corosion exposure.

I think we would both agree that there is a difference and we are talking about 2 different things.

My concern is that we maybe missing something much more critical that just acid damage, but an actual hydrogen air explosion of the battery. Why else would a battery split with such force to do some the the damage described and shown. Some have described a small amount of acid, but some have the appearance of an explosion.

Many years ago when I was welding a motorcycle frame, my battery exploded with significant force to scare the **** out of me. The entire battery split into several pieces and there was a large fireball This a lead acid battery and the acid went everywhere.

Lead acid batteries do produce significant hydrogen gas to explode with significan force to cause some of the damage some have described. (that is why you take the cautions you do when jump starting a car). I am not talking about the batteries with small amounts of leakage, but the split ones. If this is happening, this is a very dangerous situation concerning the placement of the battery under the fuel tank next to the fuel lines.

Once again, I am not trying to start a flame war, but trying to help with information that my help others in their fight with DNA.

Remember none of us are as smart as all of us put together. We all can learn from others.

This ain't diddly....

you want damage? :eek:

then you all should see what Lysergic Acid did to my brain in the 60's...talk about damage <laughing>
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