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Both my Monster 1100 and Hypermotard 1100 have more than 70k kms I was curious to know in what state the injectors were. It's a wet winter here and I don't mind having the bikes in pieces for a couple of weeks.

So I went ahead and sent the injectors to a professional cleaning with ultrasonic bath and flow testing.
The Hypermotard 1100 uses Magnetti Marelli ECU and injectors IWP162 (4 holes).


The Monster 1100 has a Siemens/Conti ECU and so uses Siemens/Deka Injectors (8 holes).


And here are the results:


No difference really. Both bikes are running on regular RON 91 fuel (87 in the US) - less detergents in theory than premium fuels.

Anyone else has sent their injectors for professional cleaning and wants to share their results?
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