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"team Metisse GmbH is a German manufacturer of high quality motorcycle equipment."... Or so their website claims.

I saw their billet alloy frame sliders on the web and thought they looked cool.

I waited 6 or 8 months for their product catalog to list MY03 1000S as a suitable candidate for their product.

I spent $150 (US Approx) and they sent me a very poor set of parts. Of primary concern was their replacement engine bolt, which was 10mm instead of the 12mm OEM that I took out. It was also made out of regular stainless, not top grade alloy like the OEM.

I raised the issue with them via eMail but they just said it passed some local German code and therefore it was fine. Great customer service, NOT! :mad:

So I ended up spending another $50 getting a new bolt machined and the other parts (spacers and crash knobs) bored out to 12mm.

The end result is OK for looks but I think the Cycle Cat frame sliders I have seen on other bikes look more practical. I will probably end up swapping them over and consigning my billet allow parts to the refuse bin.

Buyer be warned.
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