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Well boys, I have finally done it. One swift motion..bye bye motoshelf. I was getting ready to cut the frame with the dremmel, Dad came in with the Skil Saw with carbon tip blades. 30 seconds and no turning back. Everything from the seat lock back is gone.

It took about 1.5hrs. Mostly because I didn't read the instructions until I got lost. So here is how the problems went down.

The kit comes with basically everything you need except two bolts. Since the kit uses most of its fasteners from parts left over from the tea tray, it maybe be different with other bikes, but with the S4 it was shy 2x8mm bolts.

Problem 1
Baically, two indicator mounting brackets screw fasten on top of the "lock the seat down area" and the tag holder fastens under it. The problem is there are supposed to be 2 mystery bolts that tie them together, but none to be found. Instead I broke the bolts molded into the tea tray and used them. They are "molded" into the the fender so I had to pry/break them loose. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the fender platic off of them, so they have a palstic star-looking thing around them. But I "riggged" them in there until I can make a trip to lowe's.

Prob 2
The Tag holder was a bent peice of Aluminum with six holes in it. 2 holes to attach to the frame, and 4 for the tag. The two holes that attached to the frame weren't far enough apart, so I had to "whollar" them out with a drill bit.

Prob 3
The 4 holes for the tag were also too close together, but instead of widening them, I just bent the tag alittle.

All in all, 6.25" of frame gone. Probabaly could have done it without the kit and saved $101 (shipping + Kit), but you gotta learn somehow.

Gator, I am anxious to hear what you think about it. Did you have the same problems?

I know a couple of ya'll have asked for pics, these may not be too good, but if you let me know what you are looking for maybe I can show it better.


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hey ducgasm...looks nice....i have been trying to pick my balls up off the ground and chop my rear..

i make up my mind to do it, then i go out and look at it and say to myself....is it all really necessary?...I know the answer down deep...it is most necessary...that duc tail was made for cuttin...

Now when it comes down to whether or not you should of fabbed it up or bought the kit like you did, well..it is all a matter of time...do you have the time?

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