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2 "box" shaped brackets that mount to the frame under the seat - these hold the indicators also
1 license plate holder that mounts between the tail light and aformentioned brackets
all the screws, bolts, washers needed and 2 plastic "plugs"

the directions are a bit odd and would greatly benefit from pictures or diagrams, but once you get into it things fall into place.

I ended up needing to fabricate different mounts for my indicators. My seat cowl hit them using the pro italia setup....plus, there is no consideration for the license plate light. Not too big a deal since the tail light sits right above it, but if you run into a picky cop...?

parts are steel and nicely finished.

for the $90, i was expecting no additional mods, but thats the way of the walk. If you have access to the right tools, you could fabricate something VERY similar out of aluminium but I think with time and materials spent, might be a wash?

hope this helps
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