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Praise and complaint about trip to Renassaince Cycles in Tucson

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I am in the military down in Sierra Vista and went up to Tucson tonight to pick up some new spark plugs as my bike had fouled the ones in it. he were super nice in staying open until I got there (10 minutes after they closed) as I had called them and told them that I was coming up but had hit traffic on I-10.

When I got there they had the plugs ready but I asked them if they had a set in heat range 8 to try. They said I should talk to Steve first (head mechanic maybe?). I told him I had fouled out a set of plugs and showed them to him. He asked a few questions about the bike and the subject came up that it was tuned recently. As soon as the words Power commander came out of my mouth he looked at me like I had the mark of the devil on my forehead and walked to the shop area. When I first went there to get my initial service done on the bike the topic of tuning came up (Zard exhaust was making the bike run lean). They said they don't believe in dyno tuning as it serves no real purpose. I sent a buddy up there that had a M600 that was running a little lean and they tried to richen it up but he said it still runs like crap. He may know more about Ducati's than I will ever dream to know but I know for a fact my bike was running lean (14.0-15.0 AFR) before the custom map and it now right around 13.2 across the powerband. For them to look down there nose at a guy because he wants his bike running the best it can is just bad business.

I don't know if this is just an isolated case but I will not use their shop any more for service. Anyone else had problems with them regarding tuning?
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That is Steve to a "T" (Steve is the shop owner, BTW). [laugh]

(I'm laughing because I know that look of his)

Anyway, experiences with Renassaince have been discussed here before and most will agree it is a shop with "quirks". Responses range from great to experiences similar to yours. My personal experiences are the same as everyone else, I just don't let it bug me much. Overall, they have been good to me (and my bike) and I know what to expect when going in there so nothing surprises me anymore*. Besides, I take the bad with the good, it all evens out.

*I was surprised though, that there was no "Duc Hunt and Goose Chase" this year. That or I missed it. ???
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Happy to tune your machine with power commander on the dyno . . . a custom map will need to be created. Call or email Doug ([email protected]) my service manager and we can get the bike dialed in for you.

Best regards,

David Slepak
Dealer Principal
Ducati Scottsdale
Thanks David, I actually stopped by there about a month and a half ago and the guy I spoke to there said you guys weren't set up to dyno tune yet. THat being the case I took the bike to Mark Ledesmo over at North Valley and he wrote a nice map for it.
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