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PowerCommaders... are they crap?!

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Had a shop owner tell me not to bother with the Power Commander III cause its crap....

Didnt ask him why he thought this... but I'd like to hear if anyone here feels the same way...

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Thanks for the answers guys! I havent heard anybodies testamony on the PCIII and the first thing I hear is that they are crap...

I knew it was just one mans opinion, so I came here to find out what the PCIII owners thought....

Thanks for the help guys! any other input would be greatly appreciated
he told me to send him my computer and he'd map out a program for me...

THough I thought that 2002 750's couldnt be remapped?!
He just left a message on my machine saying that He could NOT reprogram my computer since it was a 5.9 Marelli (thanks Strati! I knew what he was talking about when he mentioned it..)

I dont see how the PowerCommander could be crap, as long as it doesnt malfunction, it should be a good product.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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