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Post IMS 1098 Opinions?

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I like the 1098 - and based on the reactions I witnessed around me, so did everyone else.

The most immediately tangible difference (aside from looks) is weight. The 10-9-8 is LIGHT... SUPER light... 600 supersport light. Only time will tell how/if the weight-saving impacts durability/reliability.

The 1098 standard is THE bang-for-the-buck deal of the decade. The "S" is nice, but the base model is just the ticket for the insatiable modification cravings of the Ducatista (I can do a LOT with that extra $5K!).

Ducati's goal to link it's future directly to it's past is evident in its retro line as well as the new Superbike - it is undeniably the direct decendant of the venerable 916. The overall New Superbike package (price, performance, looks) will result in phenomenal sales numbers ($$$$$ woohoo!!!) come February 2007. Visions of deposits dancing in their heads, the dealers will be scrambling to meet the tsunami of demand.

Will I have a 1098 in my garage? Maybe - but I won't be first (or even 1000th) in line for one in '07. I'll let all the madness settle and the quirks (yes, there will be those niggling things!) work themselves out this first year. Then maybe in '08, I may be motivated to grab that "black" one Ducati waited to release. ;)

For now, my 748R and 900 Monster is all the Ducati I need. Then again, if I had the $22,950 for my addiction... [thumbsup]


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Opinions? I like it a lot, 'specially in red, but I don't wuite love it yet. The fact that every manufacturer followed the 916 styling makes any "return to 916-based styling" look a bit unoriginal. I liked the red a lot more than the tricolor. Still, it sounds like a big step up from the 749/999 series, and it is definitely better looking in person than in pics.

I spent a lot of time poking around the tricked out S model with all the tasty add-ons. I hadn't before seen that feature where you can adjust the brake lever travel with knob by the clutch. That'd be really cool to deal with brake fade later in a race.
I think we're talking about different things. I'm talking about a race specific application where there is a knob on the CLUTCH side where you can adjust the BRAKE lever travel on the fly. Adjustable levers are nothing new. I hadn't seen it before where you could adjust the brake from the clutch side. That's much more do-able, even at a full race tuck.

Ah -- one of these.
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