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popping out of gear

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I was out for a ride this morning in northern Baltimore, and I hit a decent bump in the road going about 55 (knocked me around a bit) -- all of a sudden i was out of gear and the engine was revving maddly (I still had the throttle on).
I popped out of gear when i hit the bump! I had been in 4th gear i think and then it happened so I immediately upshifted and went into 5th with no problems. I was startled by the incedent, but then about 30 min later it happened again when i hit another bump!

Does anyone know if this indicative of a specific problem other than transmission = bad? I'm a bit worried about it.

Thanks a lot for your help
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My bike had its first false neutral within the first 30 miles and has them regularly if I get lazy in my shifting. Most likely is the 4th to 5th transition, but I have gotten false neutrals everywhere at least once. Not all Monsters are as easy to hit false neutrals as mine.

For any kind of serious riding, the balls of my feet are on the pegs and I have to actually move my left foot forward to make a shift. That way, I don't ever accidentally bump it into a false neutral. Luckily, the wide powerband means I don't have to shift as often in the twisties.
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