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popping out of gear

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I was out for a ride this morning in northern Baltimore, and I hit a decent bump in the road going about 55 (knocked me around a bit) -- all of a sudden i was out of gear and the engine was revving maddly (I still had the throttle on).
I popped out of gear when i hit the bump! I had been in 4th gear i think and then it happened so I immediately upshifted and went into 5th with no problems. I was startled by the incedent, but then about 30 min later it happened again when i hit another bump!

Does anyone know if this indicative of a specific problem other than transmission = bad? I'm a bit worried about it.

Thanks a lot for your help
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Can the "false neutrals" also happen if you're going too slow in a gear? I'm a newer rider and sometimes when I'm in second gear and going through a curve, it will go into neutral.
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