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Which mod is *more* essential? Please share your thoughts on why.

  • Better brakes (radial)

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  • Rear suspension

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  • Steering damper

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  • Clip-ons

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Here's my $ .02:

1. Take a performance riding course

2. Clip-ons. I have an S2R also and it is my streetbike. However, in August, the Desmo Owners Club out here ran a promotion for a $20 trackday for Ducati riders, so I brought my Monster (instead of my trackbike). At that trackday, I was longing for clip-ons more than anything else on your list.

3. Suspension work. As a whole, I feel this is where the bike lacks the most but at your weight, I think the right riding position at the track supercedes the suspension work...but just barely.

4. Brakes. Having ridden the same track with both my bikes I was able to compare and contrast their differences and braking differences were noticable. The TLR just brakes much harder than the S2R. On the track is the only time I found the brakes on the Monster lacking. That said, I still was able to outbrake some sportbike riders who surely had much more braking power in reserve and for whatever reason, were not using it.

As for the steering damper, I wouldn't even bother with it on an S2R. I have never experienced headshake on it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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