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Which mod is *more* essential? Please share your thoughts on why.

  • Better brakes (radial)

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  • Rear suspension

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  • Steering damper

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  • Clip-ons

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Re: Poll: Please help me decide my next mod - Brakes, Suspension, Damper, Clip-o


I would get your suspension checked, I think your size is spot on for the factory settings, but have it checked.
You could get a few buddies together to do this, or bring it in. This past summer I did the Lee Parks ARC course upstate, and this was part of the curriculum for the day. Mine was the only bike out of our small group of 6 that properly set. [thumbsup] Terry came with me, I bought it for him. I was worried that he wasnt going to learn anything as he has been riding for 20 years. He was suprised at how much he learned as well!

I think you should look into this class. It was alot of valuable information packed into one day! The course is geared as a step between the advanced MSF course and a track day. I strongly suggest you take the class next spring when available, it's worth the money!! It's offered up in Poughkeepsie and Troy, NY.

My CC rear-sets were probably my fav piece of functional bling. But that is because I'm short, and I always ride with the balls of my feet on the pegs, so I could adjust my rearsets to my liking. The CC clip-ons also are adjustable and also made me feel more connected to the bike.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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