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Which mod is *more* essential? Please share your thoughts on why.

  • Better brakes (radial)

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  • Rear suspension

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  • Steering damper

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  • Clip-ons

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Re: Poll: Please help me decide my next mod - Brakes, Suspension, Damper, Clip-o

Hey Steve,
I'm not voting here, cause what I'm recommending ain't up there.

Take the Lee Parks class. You'll get A LOT more out of it. Specifically since they'll help you set up your suspension and give you the knowledge to know how you can better set it up in the future.... you'll then know exactly what you want/need.

Michelle got this for me this past summer and it was a hell of a treat!

Not to mention it will dramatically increase your riding ability. And seeing as you are a new rider, this is probably the best mod/money you can spend right now.

I've often told people the same question when they ask me "what XXXX should I get" I almost always recommend taking rider classes to improve ones abilities. IMHO it's a far better investment.

Best of luck with what ever you choose.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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