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Please list any Biker Friendly Bars in NYC. I guess parking & food/drink are big considerations. I think it would be nice to have a list of places to visit.

Apple Restaurant & Bom Bar
17 Waverly Pl, New York 10003 Btwn Greene & Mercer St
-plenty of parking in the area
-good food

Nightingale Lounge
213 Second Avenue (NW Corner of 13th St. & 2nd Ave.)
-doorman outside to watch bikes out front is a big +

I heard about the Ear Inn, but I have never personally gone there. Plan to someday!

Anybody else have any suggestions?

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im just copying and pasting this from your other post in NMC:

I'm not sure about "biker" friendly but the two bike nights in NYC I have been known to attend are:

Mon nights @ Bar Matchless in Williamsburg, Brooklyn replay MotoGP races during race season, now they will be showing motorcycle movies.

Tues nights @ Ear Inn on Spring St and Greenwich, just a few blocks away from Ducati NY.

otherwise, I've never had a problem anywhere I go, an alarm on the bike is always nice though to keep the traffic agents away laugh and be prepared to be harassed by PD anywhere in NYC, especially lower manhattan

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There is The Ear Inn,
American Trash, upper east side
Red Rock West, Downtown west side
Hogs, Downtown west side
Puck Fair, soho on lafayette at houston
The bars on West Broadway downtown south of Houston all usually have bikes outside...
Trash Bar in Williamsburg
Sidewalk Cafe, east village
Manitobas, east Village
The list goes on...
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