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So, It's been partially repainted for reasons unknown. The clutch lever and left grip is a little scuffed. It runs/sounds perfect. No leaks. It has about 4200 miles.
Mirrors have been painted. Hmm.
The guy had it on ebay, he ended the bidding early to sell it off and then the buyer backed out. I inquired while it was in the midst of bidding and he wanted About $7k-$7.5k for it.
Book value is between $5300-$8040.
He says he has to get rid of it before this weekend, so he agreed on $6k. He sounds desperate to sell soon.
I still think it's high for a bike that's been dropped-in the garage, at 5mph or at 20, I don't know. But it's local and the price could be right...
Opinions please :D


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You didn't specify what year it is.
I know alot of guys who paint the mirrors just to match the bike, but you say it has been down. Just make sure that the title is clear.

If you have already agreed on a price, (Don't insult the guy if you have agreed and lowball him) He has already had someone screw him out of his sale.
Ask him what his bottom line is. Then decide if it's what you want to spend

It sounds pretty fair but I havn't looked at it up close.

ask to take the fairings off and get a good look at the engine case covers and frame (for signs of damage). if all looks well, then the other evidence points to a very minor incident and i'd say the bike's a bargain!

Keep looking there are plenty of bikes and you will learn more
everytime you look at another one.....Are the wheels a different color then the frame it appears so.....it is also getting in the flaking rocekr vicinity....if he hasn't already found that and is trying to sell.....records....? maintained where? talk to the shop....?
If you are looking for a 748 that has not only been well maintained but lot's of goody's call Manley Cycle and see if this one is still around...it is a beautiful one and has been tuned and maintained by the best.....it also has an 853 bore.....I think if it is still around
he was starting a $7,000.00..if I had some cash it would be gone....
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