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Well folks, the Mrs is starting to complain that her M600 needs some additional performance. Over time, I've tuned the suspension, opened the airbox, added a K&N, jetted the carbs, installed a sil-motor system and installed a light flywheel. Her riding is smooth and controlled and her tires are nearly void of chicken strips (< 1/8"). She wrings alot out of the little monster and I'm inclined to agree that she is ready for more performance. My first thought was to go by a new M800; however, she is vertically challenged and emotionally attached to her M600 (that vetoed that idea). So, that leads me to a new performance mod and after poking around on the net and in catalogs it looks like new jugs and HC pistons are in order - available from D.P. (Italy) or via FBF and their machine shop. Parts cost about $1K. I will more than likely do the work my self. Does anyone have experience with either of these? Any other thoughts or input?

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buy her the 800 and then adjust the suspension to get to the seat height she needs. if necessary, take the seat to a local apholsterer (SP) and have them dish out some of the foam to lower the height.
as for the emotional trauma, i'm sure she'll get over it and "grow" with the 800 very well.

this may offend some folks but i think the return on investment in sqeezing more power out of a 600 is fairly small considering a natural progression (in my oppinion) is to just get a bigger engined bike.

ooooooooooooooooooooor... you can try to track down a used 900 motor and just do a swap. there's a lot involved but it's not nearly impossible and the sneaky beauty of it is your insurance rate will still be for the 600 since your insurance company's interested in the VIN on your frame ;)

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Here's a little info on the 680 kit:


They have two other 'pages' on the 600.
They comment that the 600's are handicapped by very small valves. Maybe it's possible to fit bigger valves.

Alex Ortner got some really serious HP out of his 900SS (966cc actually, I think) with the bigger displacement AND MBP ported heads.

There's no substitute for cubic inches, but if it's breathing is limited in stock condition, it seems like porting and/or bigger valves may be a better place to spend money first.

Depends how she likes to ride, too. Bigger displacement with stock heads is mostly going to widen the powerband on the bottom end due to the increased torque, but not yield so much peak HP increase due to the restricted breathing. It'll have more throttle response. Porting and/or bigger valves will likely raise the whole power curve, so it'll still kind of be an 'rpm' machine.

Strati's got a point, swapping in a bigger stock lump may be more straightforward / cheaper. The 900 is about 25 lbs heavier than the 600, don't know how much comes from the engine itself. Probably most of it, as it's a 6 speed and 50% bigger displacement.
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