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piss me off.....

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so I am in the left turn lane last night going from a side street onto hwy 55. Just got some gas. The light turns green and there are maybe 6 cars in front of me. I start to pull up and all of a sudden this jacka$$ decides to pull right in front of me! I was just rolling forward at maybe 5 mph. I couldnt steer out of the way because he was maybe a foot away from my front tire as he cut over. My feet were still of the pegs so I could only use the front brake. STOPPIE! And of course since I wasnt ready for it I was off balance. The backend rotated over to the right so I threw my right leg down to catch it. Whoever said you cant hold up a 400 pound bike when it is tipping over was right. My foot took a good jolt and hurts like a mofo right now. That of course jammed my leg into my hip, so my lower back is pretty tight too. No damage to the bike fortunately. So I get back on the bike and roll up alongside dumba$$. I start screaming at the prick becasue he didnt even want to acknowledge the fact that he messed up. So I politely knocked on his window and he was either drunk or stoned and said he was sorry. It took every bit of restraint I had not to knock him out. He was scarred. I think the mirrored face shield may have added to the intimidation factor- kinda like cops do. Some one actually pulled up next to me at the next light to see if I was ok. Thought that was swell. He must have been a rider too.
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That sucks Tony! It amazes me how many people are allowed to drive that shouldn't. The US needs to make driving a privilege, not a right.

I had some girl almost wipe me out on my bike as she didn't yield going from 94 onto Hennepin (not a typical entrance ramp). I did something similar to what you did. Yelled something along the lines of "hey you had better watch what you are doing before you cream someone". I stayed cool and all she had to say was "God bless", she smiled and drove away. That did nothing but pi$$ me off. I just wanted to kick her door in. And they wonder why we drive like we do, we have to avoid all of the moving objects that have painted targets on us.

Sorry, I'm done.
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