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PING: Shek

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Did you make it home OK on Saturday? I was standing next to David when Holls called about a ride.
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Yes, Shek made it home... Special thanks and Kudos to [clap] Scottsdale Ducati - who btw offered to go get Shek with their motorcycle trailer (even tho they were right in the middle of their European Demo Day) right away, but then called Ducati and spoke with Casey, as the bike has towing in the warranty, who then got ahold of John Loving and everything was taken care of promptly and perfectly. Also, thanks to SheMonster whom had the foresight to give Shek her phone when he broke off the group to head home as his didn't have much battery left :(

I was a bit stressed as I did, nor shek, want the bike towed by anybody... John Loving has a great set up and don't have his number handy but very highly recommend.

Thanks to all for their help and support!
What's the haps? Battery problem during a ride? Okay now?
not sure atm - Shek will prob post later...
Was all of this on the brand new R? That sux!
Sorry all a bit slow to check the board this week. Well that and every post I make causes a flurry of censorship on here. [laugh]

I'm pretty sure the issue is with the fuel pump or circuit. The bike has had an issue since day one with the fuel pump dropping out for a few seconds every once in a while, but never for more than a few seconds. Unfortunatly for me after a few hours of riding this past Sat. it quit and I coudn't get it going again. I took the bike down to Scottsdale this morning (had the issue a couple times but made it anyway) and Mike was going to hoockup the Ducati computer to it and put it in his backpack and take it for a spin. I would expect he'll see the drop in fuel presure. My guess is a bad connection in a wire inside the fuel pump or perhaps the fuel pump relay or socket.

It sucked to hear from the guy that picked me up that he mostly hauls dead Harleys and Ducatis. :'(

Oh well, I love me 999r and woudn't ride anything else. When shes in the mood to go its impossible to describe how much fun it is.
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